why do girls wear thongs and g strings to the beach instead of going nude?

if nudity is allowed why wear a g string?

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6 Responses to “why do girls wear thongs and g strings to the beach instead of going nude?”

  1. shasha m says:

    Because it’s uncomfortable to go nude.

    And YES, there’s a diference.

    Why don’t YOU try going nude?

  2. Flavorade says:

    because dental floss is the ultimate cleaning tool?

  3. janamichella says:

    Because at least with a thong/g-string their ‘gina is covered…just b/c nudity is allowed doesn’t mean every girl wants everyone to see that…

  4. Mandy S says:

    It’s a technicality.

    Also, some women may not feel comfortable with the frontal nudity, which g strings and thongs (for the most part) cover up.

  5. Sudeep KingofScorn says:

    No, they should go fully dressed to beaches, because you them in thongs in streets and colleges.

  6. rc says:

    This sounds like a strange question? What does one’s underwear style have to do with nudity? What people wear (or choose not to wear) under their clothes is done for their own personal tastes. Victoria’s Secrets and all the makers of sexy underwear are not designing and selling great stuff for themselves–they do it because there is a market that wants it for them and their partner.

    Please do us all a favor and stop peaking down the backs of pants and jeans that are worn by women–just so you can check what style and coolr their panties are. Have some dignity and respect for a change.

    Hope this helps.

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