Why do Girls get Embarrassed When Seen in Underwear, but not in Bikinis?

Example: Let’s say that a girl is changing her clothes and she has her bra and panties. And then, a guy goes in without knocking the door. Then, when she sees him, she get embarrassed and cover her panties and bra. But when a girl is in the beach, with smaller bikini with thong than the underwear she was using, she doesn’t get embarrassed. Why it is that? What is the difference that girls feel when they’re using an underwear and a bikini?

P.S. I’m not trying to say that girls should be seen in underwears without they getting embarrassed.

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    27 Responses to “Why do Girls get Embarrassed When Seen in Underwear, but not in Bikinis?”

    1. xxxgoodpussyxxx says:

      because its unexspected

    2. Darcyyy. says:

      because maybe some girls wear "different" varieties of underwear and panties that they dont want the world to see.

    3. krdavis91 says:

      Underwear is meant to be worn under clothes, people aren’t supposed to see it. However, when girls wear bikinis, they’re intentionally showing off. It’s a psychological thing. One is meant to be seen, the other isn’t.

    4. bbball luvr_007 says:

      Ya, idk…it’s weird..

    5. Karoline G says:

      I think it has to do with what is engrained in our heads. It’s okay for you to see us in bikinis, but not in our underwear. It is more of a psychological thing, I think. But when you think of it the way that you have put it, it does seem rather silly. 😛

    6. 47skittles says:

      underwear is just more intimate.
      maybe she isnt confident with her body and also doesnt like being seen in a bikini. but in general, underwear is just more intimate and is only meant to be seen by special someones. i think its just the stigma attatched to underwear, not the actual fact that youre half naked because bathinsuits show the same skin.

    7. Biologic Dental Consultant says:

      because underwear was designed for under clothes and not to be worn in public without clothes. swimsuits are designed to be worn without clothes.

    8. romeo s says:

      cause it’s so unexpected. they dont know who’s going to walk in so they cover up

    9. speedie4eva says:

      i don’t know…….i personally don’t where bikinis because i feel embarrassed…………it is just like underwear….and it’s totally gross….some girls just like to show off there hu hu and not get in trouble for it!!

    10. ╣China♥Doll╠ says:

      It’s just different.
      Undergarments are meant to be worn under garments and intimacy is involved with it. Usually when people see someone in their underwear, some kind of intimacy is shared and you very well don’t want to be intimate with the entire world.

      Bathing suits aren’t like underwear, they’re not lacy, they’re not transparent (or at least they’re not supposed to be) and they’re meant to be worn in public. The fabric is even different. The only thing that’s similar is the coverage and the style and that does not make them the same at all.

    11. rebeLgirl says:

      i will not be embarrassed to be seen in bikinis because i know that i’m gonna be on the beach, and other gurls will also be in their bikinis…..

    12. chihuahua momma says:

      unexpected sure. . . because its in their mind. People go nude on some beaches but would get embarrased in the fitting room if you came in. I don’t care. . .but most do.

    13. lucyshines49 says:

      You got a point. I think it’s because we have been taught from a very young age" Don’t walk around in your underwear, changing is private" But than it turns we are given swimsuit’s! How many Mom’s have bought a 2 piece for their child and made a fuss over her wearing it. We’ve been conditioned!

    14. Gypsy says:

      Because underwear and bras are a daily form of lingerie. We wouldn’t want guys to see us in lingerie unless we want them to.

      Bikinis are socially acceptable as "clothing" for the beach and does not fall under the category of undergarments.

      As for a thong, those hoochies just want to show off and push the acceptable norms. ;p :] (but hey, if you got it, flaunt it) And on the beach, there’s no bed to be worried about getting tossed on, so a girl is "safe"

    15. Life sucks so get over it says:

      It partially a privacy thing, and also has to do with fitting in. Also when a girl is on a beach, well most people there will be wearing bathing suits too. Everyone wants to fit in. I’m not sure if that answers your question, but I hope it gives you some idea.

    16. Hayley Jo says:

      Well what girls wear under their clothes is their own business and probably don’t want the whole world seeing them. I mean what if she wore grannie panties??????

    17. hi every1! says:

      probably becuz if they are wearing a bikini they know they are wearing it but if they get caught in their underwear they wouldnt want it to be seen. also they might have some sort of embarrassing design on it or something. how often do u like to show your underwear? think of it like that. i dont really kno y a bikini duz make such a difference but i hope that helpd. :)

    18. GrayMatters says:

      who knows, I think girls who wear bikinis are starved for attention anyhow, I mean let’s face it, bikinis are not practical "swim suits" they fall off, untie and get pulled up when swimming. All real swimmers wear one pieces…those in bikinis usually just splashand act cute or lay out in the sun…so maybe just the fact that a girl in her underwear doesn’t expect anybody to walk in on them, so by reflex they cover themselves up. Good question.

    19. Quadria J says:

      I believe it has more to do with … the person whom ever walking in unexpected. When your put on your bikini your expecting to go out and show it off. Plus panties and bra are like personal wear… some for intimate moments.. you dont throw on your bikini to get intimate.

    20. Cookie49504 says:

      cuz in a bikini they are expecting to be seen, and they want to be seen. but when they are in their underwear they are only expect themselves to see it.

    21. TitoBob says:

      It’s the psychological context of the clothing. The same thing happens if we get locked out of our house wearing pyjamas, even though we are fully covered.

    22. kendylkat208 says:

      because a bikini swimsuit

    23. Common Sense says:

      It is a matter of expectations..
      She expects & is prepared for you to see her
      in her bikini…

    24. Lynne says:

      Lol. Funny question. Have you ever walked in on a girl when she’s half naked?
      Girl’s feel embarrassed coz they weren’t expecting on anyone to barge in. It’s like invading their privacy. Sometimes a girl doesnt want the world to know what she wears on the inside…
      When a girl wears a bikini she chooses to do so, so she aint ashamed because shes showing them what she wants them to see…..

      Re-read my answer, it sounds a bit weird so dont get the worng idea 😉

    25. chocolate_sateen says:

      1. She is not prepared, a girl only puts on a bikini when she knows she looks absolutely great in it, and so she is prepared to show her assets to the world.

      2. The underwear may be more revealing than the bikini, i have stuff that is see through.

      3. Maybe she is wearing some granny panties, for comfort, but isnt comfortable letting ppl see her commit that serious fashion crime

      4. Maybe she is having her period, and wearing a pad… Or its stained with blood

      5. Maybe the underwear is old, and has a hole in it, and overall doesnt look good.

      Do you have an underwear fetish or something?

    26. Shani P says:

      Underwear is underwear. Only that one person should see it. Bikini is meant to be shown off .

    27. MiKA<3 says:

      Because you are supposed to show bikinis. Underwear is for UNDERNEATH which cannot be seen. When you are swimming, DUHH u have to show ur bikini.

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