What happens in the girls locker room when girls change into cloths or bathing suits?

do any girls not have bras on, or when they change into a bathing suit do they undress next to each other or go into a stall in the bathroom

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    11 Responses to “What happens in the girls locker room when girls change into cloths or bathing suits?”

    1. Annie! says:

      In girls locker rooms we just change while talking to each other. We sometimes make comments like ‘Cute undies!’ but thats about it. And most girls do where bras, or else the rest of the girls in the locker room would be pretty creeped out..

      And for swim suits, I usually change in the same room but we just face the other way.

    2. Joe G says:

      That’s a question me and most men would like to find out!

    3. Clubrocks says:

      Why do you wanna know are you horny?

    4. Artura says:

      go take a peek and see

    5. I ♥ MeowMix® says:

      Some go into stalls but most just change in front of everybod and nobody in my gym class goes completely nude, it’s too awkward… why do you wan’t to know anyways?

    6. Len Anders says:

      Girls know that there is no difference in female bodies. Boobs can be small or large but the vagina is always at the same place and more or less of the same size. Only young kids have questions like these.

    7. i wrestled a bear once says:

      It depends on how modest you are. Or who you’re with. Like if I’m with my friends or my teammates I’ll just strip it off. But if I’m with people I don’t really know, I’ll go into the bathroom.

    8. Thomas the Great says:

      I could only imagine…

    9. Little Miss UNperfect :D says:

      its normal for everyone to change in front of one another. if you are uncomfortable with your body wear an undershirt, and sit on the bleachers while your putting on your pants, it doesnt really matter. when you change into your swimsuit its better off to go into the stalls, just to stay on the safee sidee(:

    10. Jack says:

      We shyly look at each other and giggle before gently caressing each other, then finally kiss. Is that the fantasy you want to hear?

    11. Darian says:

      i like apples

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