Girls: Do you find it trashy or slutty when girls post pics in bikinis or lingerie on myspace/facebook?

Some girls do, some dont? Just wanting opinions.. I dont think its slutty but then i guess it depends. What do you think?

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    7 Responses to “Girls: Do you find it trashy or slutty when girls post pics in bikinis or lingerie on myspace/facebook?”

    1. Cait says:

      It depends on the context of the photo. If it’s of you in a mirror then I would say yes it is. In fact when guys do that I think it’s trashy and pathetic too, but if it’s a bunch of people on an island having a camping trip or something then, given the angle of the lense, I don’t necessarily think it is in bad taste. It’s really all about context.

      I had this Mexican friend named Jose and me and my other girlfriend got hysterical when we saw a photo that he had taken of himself without his shirt on on his FB profile, he took it down shortly after we shamlessly teased him about it.

    2. mollzzzz says:

      Trashy and Slutty

      You keep those pictures in your head…no one else needs to see that

    3. Monica says:

      trashy, slutty, skanky

    4. sunbeam98 says:

      I think that it is trashy. To me it indicates a low self esteem. If you’re hot, then you shouldn’t have to prove it to everyone by posting pictures.

    5. Curious says:

      Well it depends on the strike of pose they use while wearing bikinis. I know that if I went to a beach somewhere in California for vacation, I’d take a lot of pictures while there and post them on my page but I wouldn’t be bending over so my boobs would be flopping out of the bikini top or sticking my ass out to look cute. That’s my idea of trashy and slutty.

      Lingerie is something you keep to yourself and whoever you buy it for (your boyfriend). I’m not sure why girls post pictures of them like that on the internet. It’s really just degrading yourself and opening yourself up to invite cruel comments. Also, I think that if girls are going to wear lingerie and think they’re women and mature, they should be mature enough to handle it and not to show it off to everyone in the world (MySpace). Being mentally and physically mature are two different things. Mental matureness comes when you can handle doing/having something without having to tell/show the whole world.

      Having self respect is not being prude.


    6. lloydlady says:

      I think it depends only on how she poses. If she is posing in sex related positions (you know like over kill in trying to look sexy) then slutty would come to mind. If she is posing like naturally sexy, not needing to exaggerate the poses cause she knows shes got it vs having to over kill it, then id wouldn’t think slutty. Cause obviously the girl has a dam good body, so why not show it off? She has it, she has a right to be proud. I would be too.

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